Christoph Renkl

climate science across scales
Christoph Renkl

Christoph Renkl


I am an oceanographer and atmospheric scientist by training and, as such, my research focuses on the interactions of the ocean, atmosphere, and cryosphere within climate as an integrated system. My primary research interests revolve around the role of air-sea-ice interactions and their teleconnections in weather and climate variability across a range of spatial and temporal scales. I am particularly interested in using coupled numerical models and statistical tools to improve our understanding of the climate system including questions of predictability and long-term trends.

Currently, I am working as a Postdoctoral Investigator with Dr. Hyodae Seo in the Physical Oceanography Departement at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

  • Climate Variability and Predictability
  • Air-Sea-Ice Interactions
  • Coastal and Shelf Dynamics
  • Regional Coupled Modeling
  • PhD in Oceanography, 2020

    Dalhousie University, Halifax NS, Canada

  • MSc in Physics of Earth and Atmosphere, 2013

    University of Bonn, Germany

  • BSc in Meteorology, 2011

    Freie Universität Berlin, Germany